Busy weekend

Kristen moved over the weekend....and needed help.
She was blessed to find a older ranch-style house in a good neighborhood.
There were about 3 years worth of spiderwebs to clean out though=0.
 The kids thought it was great fun to have wide open space to run around in.
                                    Waid liked her dogs, as long as they didn't get too close.
 He stepped up next to DH very quickly when Samantha was looking at him.
                                               Aspen, Sammi, and Donovan with Kristen.
                                                         The house has a fenced in yard!
Emmi found a patio for them, underneath many layers of leaves and dirt.
 Today the kids have played, as I needed time to recover and clean up our own house, after a busy weekend.  Wes made the violin for Avery, he is playing the piano on the chair (I  have no idea why he doesn't play the piano ON the piano).  Jenna is across from them directing, and singing "Are You Washed in the Blood".
Waid had a rough 2nd day at Kristen's.  He does not do well with change and strange places.  At one point he melted into a ball and said he just wanted to go home=(.
He DID have a bit of a breakthrough though...For over 2 years, he has been working to learn the ABC's and the sounds they make.  We have fridge phonics, other talking games, and he watches some educational shows.  I have worked with him, and DH works with him on the I-Pad.  Anyway--he walked through the room, and said "P P P poo poo starts with P" (not the best choice for his example).  Obviously he did not hear this on Sesame Street, or fridge phonics--SO it means he really understands the P sound!!!  He learns verrry slowly, but he can learn! 
Another entertaining thing he said this week....he was talking about Diego, and has been calling him D'eggroll =)....he keeps us laughing!


  1. James loves D'eggroll too! From now on I will have to call Diego D'eggroll--too funny!

  2. Kristen is such a beautiful young lady! I know she is thrilled about her new home! How awesome that you can help her get settled. My mom always helped me with each move and helped everything get cleaned up and homey, and it was such a blessing.

    Congratulations to Waid! Progress is always so encouraging!

  3. With your busy schedule, it's nice to read your blog and what's happening in your household. Kristen is blessed to have super loving parents.