Still here---I think

We've had 2 good weeks of school.  Last week I got alot done, including cutting out 5 dresses to smock, and keeping up with household chores.  But then there's this week.  I am dragging.  To school so many, and keep them all on track, I don't even get to breathe until after lunch. 
 I don't mean to complain, but I get in a cycle of good week, bad week; and I'm not sure what to do about it.  If I allow some housecleaning to go 2 weeks ....this week bathrooms aren't getting scrubbed, but then I get frustrated.  Weekly is too often for some chores---Ten days between many of the chores would be perfect, but a 10 day rotation with a 5 day school week, and 2 day weekend just doesn't sound like it would work either.
 I think my schedule would work perfectly if I were 35!!  But I have to realize those years are long gone. 
 Jenna is on her 4th Bob book, she picks up things very quickly. 
 She is using a CCTV (Closed caption TV)--it magnifies her schoolwork for her.
 Without it, she has to be about 2 inches from what she wants to see.
 Wes seems to have hit a brick wall, and will be re-doing 1st grade language.  The extra reinforcement will be good in the long run.  He can express himself well, but has trouble with comprehending directions and writing sentences that make sense.
AJ is here too, just not in the pics.  He is finally sounding out short vowel words.  His math skills his best thing.  He has had several chiropractor visits that seem to help him.
Jenna and Waid got new canes this week at O&M training....but I think they are too short.
We all got flu shots yesterday, courtesy of AL Power. 
Does anyone have a fantastic housework schedule that works for an "older" woman, with no teen helpers?


  1. I am ashamed to say it...
    When I had a lot of kids homeschooling at once, I hired a maid. She came once every 2 weeks. We only did morning school that day and I helped her clean everything in the afternoon.
    And when she couldn't work for us anymore, I just gradually got a lot more tolerant about the dirt. Nowadays the house is WAY dirtier than I ever believed I could live with. But, I am older, so more philosophical, and we just all pitch in to REALLY clean up whenever someone is coming over.
    Not the happiest solution for me as I really don't like mess and dirt, but otherwise I would never do anything but vacuum, dust, sweep, mop, scrub toilets, clean kitty litter pans, mow the lawn, take out garbage, wash clothes, cook food... and while I was doing all that...call out spelling test words, explain math, check handwriting, read essays, help with science experiments...you get the picture.

  2. If 10 days works maybe in week one take off to clean on Wednesday. Then week 2 Don't clean til Saturday. Then week 3 nothing. Then week 4 take off Tuesday or wait til Wednesday. Maybe stay on that cycle? Some of the kids could do a little cleaning with Clorox wipes or something in te meanwhile. Just an idea!

  3. Maile, who is Emmi's age, loves to help, especially with Windex. The Clorox wipe idea is a good one. You are a VERY busy woman and taking care of your children 24/7 can get a little crazy. Don't worry about the house until you have another post adoption visit. :)