Frugal Friday...Oatmeal

Do you use those convenient oatmeal packets?
We did.
I didn't do it for the individual serving sizes, but for the brown sugar yumminess, and because I don't like cooking it in a pot.
Mornings need to be e-a-s-y for me.
I saw the big bags at Sam's--114 servings worth, and knew I needed to make my own.
Since I didn't need individual packaging, I mixed mine up in an icecream tub.  I taped the recipe and directions on the lid.  And with the measuring scoop stored in the bucket, it's even more convenient that opening all the little packets.
I looked at several recipes online, made the individual serving size, and then tweeked it to our taste.
(Our southern, brown- sugar- loving tastes, that is.)

So here's what I came up with:
10c    quick cooking oats
2/3c   powdered milk
2 2/3c brown sugar
1 1/2T cinnamom
Mix it all together.
Put 1/2 c in bowl, add hot water.  YUM!!

I probably will mix up a larger quantity next time, but I wanted to make sure it didn't clump, etc.
The cost??  1/2 the price of those little packets! 
Happy weekend=0


  1. I'm going to look into this! We use the Old Fashioned Oats and cook in the pot, but it just can't compare to the packet taste. ;) I wonder how the cost compares to the regular kind? We have this every Friday, but I must admit, we only do it bc it is cheap and healthy. . . .

  2. We use the quick oats(not the individual packs)....but I might try and do this. Thanks for sharing