Frugal Friday and the rest of the week

Our EASY Friday supper, for the last few months has been shells and cheese (Aldi), with burger meat, and green beans.
It is the only thing on our monthly menu that repeats.  I thought it was pretty cheap, too, about $13+...until......I spotted this at Sams.
I can now make this meal, with leftovers, for just under $9, including tax.  Now that $4 savings may not sound like much, but it all adds up!
My recipe is:
 2lb noodles
2c cheese (mixed with 1c water per direction)
1-2lb burger meat. 
One is fine, but our deer meat is packaged in 2 lb packs, so that's fine too...as it was given to us.

 The rest of the week:
We did some school work this week-- YAY!
My whole house is totally clean--YAY!!
We got the van back on Wed., unfortunately, it also needed a new battery, which was over $300--which is the downside to having a "special" vehicle.  Only "special" people can work on it, and must use "special" parts.  ARG!!
AJ had an appt at the ENT, and appt I have to fight for since March!  People with Mosaic Trisomy 8 tend to have a high arched pallette, and in some cases, a small hole.  His speech therapist said that air is escaping from his nose when he talks.
After testing with the Dr.'s speech therapist, she agreed that air is escaping.  So then they scoped him....running camera down his nose, that shows the closure of the throat, when he was asked to say certain words.  Nothing.  It all looked normal.  Thank you ma'am, no need for surgery.
Great!--but what do we do?.....
Next week I hope to do a full week of school, and committ to staying on schedule.
We have no Dr appts in Oct--unbelievable--and I am not scheduling any, unless there's an emergency.
AJ's upcoming surgery will probably fall in Oct--but that's ALL!!!


  1. Great job on the mac and cheese. I would say $4 is a lot-especially when you are multiplying it by 52!

  2. Anonymous3:12 PM

    When you calculate your savings are you taking into account that you can use the cheese and the macaroni more then once? Seems like your total is a bit high. I'm gonna book mark your page more for inexpensive and realistic meal ideas ! I LOVE a deal. Mama of 6