Isn't this the coolest "do" you've ever seen?
 You can see more here: http://www.cutegirlshairstyles.com/5-minutes/the-knotted-headband-back-to-school-hairstyles/
I am sad to say, that it looks like swim season is over WAAAHHHH!  The water last week was 82 degrees, and the kids were shivering.  I guess with rain today, and expected again tomorrow, the pool water will cool off another couple og degrees.

Wes has grown 1 inch in 6 weeks, since taking growth hormone shots!!!!!!!!!!!
Marker board is now hanging, and still getting lots of use=)
On Friday AJ had a cardiac appt, to clear him for eye surgery on Oct 30.  He was cleared, but there were a few little concenrs, so they want to see him again next year.  He also went to the chiropractor.  His 1st vertabrae was way over on the side of his neck.  The Dr was able to adjust it, and will see him 2 times this week. 
Avery was dressed for church in a beautirul Laura Ashley dress (from thrift store of course)
and got lovely blue-mouth candy from Sunday school--It just erks me, sorry--I'm funny that way.
And you won't believe it!!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!
my new front door is supposed to be installed Wed!

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  1. Well, at least the blue lips matched the dress...

    Abbie loves that cute girl site. She watches it for fun.