Road trip and medical updates

We used to live here.  Jake was 2 and Kristen was 3 when we moved in.  It was out 3rd home, 1st with a pool.  Even though we only lived there 18 months, I was hooked.
 The following pictures are of our picnic (frugal) lunch.  Sam's croisants with ham and swiss inside.  Yum.  I was bound and determined not to buy any food (except Sunday dinner) on our little trip.

Wes's MRI went fine, not even a tear--that is until he was about 10 minutes into the waking up phase.

 One of Waid's Dr's called today.  They have been collaberating.  The corneal specialist wants to exam him under anesthesia.  Since we have to do that every 6 months anyway, she said she will get with the glaucoma Dr. and be there for his next exam.  Then we will be discussing options.  All are very risky, so I do not know that we will be doing anything.
 Avery saw her cleft Dr. last Thursday (after waiting 3 hours with 6 kids).  The good news is we do not have to go through that again for another year!  Most kids get their nose/lip revision at around this age, simply to look more "normal" before the teasing at school sets in.  Avery's classmates would never tease her=).  She finally tipped the scales at 40 pounds!! at age 7.  Because she is so tiny, there is not enough cartlidge in her nose to work with.  If she had her revision now, cartlidge would have to be harvested from the back of her ears.  Then if further revisions were needed in the future, there would be no extra cartlidge to harvest.  So----we will wait and see if her nose "firms up" in the next year or 2.  Yippeee--no more major surgery for Avery this year.  AND her ears were clear, with tubes in place.

 Jenna is taking piano lessons every other week, and I am working with her and the others at home.  It will be trial and error, as our teacher has never taught a blind student.  But she is amazing with Jenna, and has plenty of experience. I grew up with her daughter.  I told the teacher at one lesson, that if MY teacher had been so much fun, I might have stuck with it more than a year!
Can you guess where we went???

Here's a clue.



  1. Love the pictures and good report!

  2. I know, I know! (Only bc you had already told me ;) And it looks like you stopped for the picnic in Clanton!