No guesses?!?!

Over 50 hits on the blog since I asked you to guess where we went. NO ONE guessed, except Rebekah, and she already knew.  What is with you people??  And I mean that in the nicest possible way=).
 We went to see Jake, which also means we went to the beach.  This was AJ and Jenna's 1st time.
Our goal was to make it as cheap as possible.  We took pre-baked casseroles, cereal, etc.  We stayed at the campus hotel--which is only for PCC parents, Abeka conferences, etc....not for the general public.  The suite had a mini fridge and microwave, sofa table, 2 baths and they provide as many foam-fold-up pallets as needed for kids....all fo $79.
 These pics are from Friday night, when we went for pictures only, and to see the sunset.
I will post beach day pictures later.  It was our 1st trip with all 6 little kids.  It was rough, some of them are so lost when out of their normal environment, but worth the hassle, of course.
 Several people have asked about Jake and the hurricane.....the campus "locks down" if necessary, so everyone is accounted for.  They are running a shuttle for the ABeka workers, so they don't get drenched going to/from the dorms and the cafeteria. 

 When we got back home, Emmi missed Jake terribly.  She built this lego version and made him talk to us about his family and being a policeman in the future.
 Yesterday, the kids moved this whole pallette of pavers.....1 block at a time!!
We swam 1/2 way through, them bribed them ice cream.  We had to get these off the trailer, so DH can pick up the next load, which we will -again- have to remove from the trailer, so the 3rd and final pallette can be picked up.  They arevery hard workers, and cheap!


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