Frugal Friday, as promised

Does your family use brown gravy?
I had been using this brand.
                                                           Until we spotted this at Sam's.
 I did the price comparrison, you won't believe the savings......................$20!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I'm throwing this tip in for free...
When we cook whole chickens in the roaster, we cook 2 at a time.  One isn't quite enough, and we can use the leftover in other recipes.  So, after supper the other night, DH tried something new.  He put about 3 cups of rice into the chicken stock that was in the roaster, and left it on 250 degrees for about 2 hours.  I had heard mixed reviews about putting rice in a crock pot--but this is a roaster (which I got on clearance at Target after Thanksgiving/Christmas, a couple of years ago).
 After stirring in some spices, and adding the leftover chicken--VIOLA!!
We had it the following night, with a green salad.  It made a great meal, was easy, and cheap!!

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  1. I am definitely trying the rice in the roaster recipe! (You could name it something like that, ya know. Janet's Roaster Rice Recipe. Or DH might want the credit, so name it Hubby's Rockin' Roaster Rice Recipe! ;) Yummy!