A day at the beach

Soooo, when we went to see Jake, we went to Perdido Key State Park.  It's about 30 minutes from the PCC campus, but definately worth the drive....with excellent, and clean facilities.
We required everyone but Emmi  (and Jake=0) to wear water wings at first, because of the waves knocking them down.  It's been over a year since they have been to the beach, and it takes a little time to get used to.

This was Waid's 2nd trip to the beach.  Last trip, he only got in toe-deep.

It took all day, but he did gradually go further in.  Although  he would never let us carry him in ....he would only go in on his own 2 feet.

 AJ kept the donut on all day, even at ankle deep.  When DH carried him out deep, he held on for dear life, but seemed to enjoy it, as long as a big man had hold of him.
 It took Jenna longer to get used to it, but once wet, she had no problems; which is amazing, since she can't see 2 feet in front of her.  This girl does not think there is anything she can't do.
 Jenna and Waid did spend most of the day under the tent, running back and forth for buckets of water.  We had to keep watch over that, since they kept running back to other tents, and other groups of people.  It wasn't crowded at all, but got busier after lunch.  At one point, Waid grabbed some lady's hand and was walking into the water with her.
 I would have loved to be in Waid's place, taking a snooze, but I was too busy watching kids.
                                   The kids enjoyed their sand, chips, and hot dogs for lunch.
                                                                  And kite flying.
 The big people finally had to tell the little people it was time to leave at abou 3 (we got there at 8:30)
We got to see dolphins, and neat planes from the Air Force base....but being with Jake was the best=).


  1. Oh, HOW FUN!!!!

  2. You are one brave woman. I don't do beaches and children very well. Not even a little bit well.

  3. What awesome pictures. Such a treat for the whole family. Enjoyed all the pictures, especially the one taken with kids holding hands facing the ocean. That one should be blown up and framed.

  4. How awesome to get to spend extra time with Jake! That was a wonderful blessing!