Words that made me smile

We've had alot of comments and questions over the years, literally every time we leave the house.
Most are well intended, some flat out rude.....like "how much did she cost?" and upon announcing an adoption "why on earth would you want to do that?"
Today we got 2 of the best comments ever.
1st, from a man about 35, as we entered Lowe's
"are all these kids yours?"
me: "yes, plus 2 more"
him;  " I'm a little jealous!''
I smiled from ear to ear.

2nd, from an older lady "What did you do to get so blessed with all these children?"
It made my day to get possitive comments, and the reinforcement for my kids to hear, that children are a blessing from the Lord.


  1. Refreshing to hear and I so needed to hear that today!!!!

  2. Honestly, I think there are lots of people thinking nice things...but the people with the loud mouths tend to be the ones that aren't.
    But, I agree with that first guy...I'm jealous!