This week

has been wonderful, we do not have to leave the house until Friday....I love those weeks.
Several of our children do sooo much better at home, on a schedule.
We are learning about Jamestown, John Smith, and Squanto.
 Emmi and Avery have been working on an art show.  They allowed us to buy artwork for 1 cent each.  Of course I gave the other kids a penny, so they could make a purchase.

 Last week, I finished smocking the insert that I started during AJ's seizure testing stay at Children's.
I got the dress cut out, and had big plans of putting it all together this week during rest times.  This is as far as I got, when my sewing machine started eating it! 
 I wanted to have a Waid fit, but I don't have Life Alert, and would never be able to get up out of the floor.
I called the local sewing shop to check on repair time and costs......the turn-around time is TWO weeks!!
I had 2 extra machines at one point in time.  I sold one in a yard sale, the other one may be in the basement, but I have not yet ventured out into the dark abyss to look for it.
So--I have started smocking another insert.

Door update:  L*we's can no longer get the door I have been drooling over for the past umpteen years. Actually, they can get the door, but not the right size sidelights in the glass I wanted.   I have found it in wood, but DH wants fiberglass. 
Woe is me, I guess I am back to square one.


  1. Sounds like an overall good week!

  2. If you end up on the floor just call ME!
    I can be there in less than 3 hours.