WOOOOOO HOOOOOO tax refund!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look what came in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!
In another envelope was the infamous form letter, electronically generated, telling us we will get our money in 6-8 weeks.
The system is soooo messed up.  I'm just thankful my dealings with the IRS are over with!!!
And from here on out we should have "normal" returns.
 In other news, we did a craft this morning, which reminded me why I rarely do crafts.  DH was home, and able to help, or I would have ended up glued to the wall, covered in tissue paper squares.
Really, they did well.  I just can't stand the chaos and mess.  I will try to do better, and our  My Father's World curriculum will help me with that.
 This actually wasn't a MFW craft though, just in case you were wondering.
It looks like turquois is the winner for the front door.  Thanks, ya'll, for letting me know you're out there.  Since I got the tax check, I can now order the door.  I'll also be making another large purchase this week, that I have waited 2 1/2 years for!!,  want to guess??


  1. Woo Hoo for your refund, along side the letter saying it would be 6-8 weeks away! Hilarious! Gotta love that IRS and their quirky ways. We are still in the review process...after they said we'd have our refund by May 15. I knew it wouldn't happen! Hoping for it by Christmas!

    I have no idea what your big purchase is! Can't wait to hear! And can't wait to see pics of your new front door!

  2. Glad that refund finally came in. My guess is a fridge or freezer will be the other big purchase. I thought I remember reading a while back about an issue with your extra cold storage going out.

  3. Ok, I'm guessing new furniture of some type - dining room table, couches, something.

  4. I can feel your happiness! I always have this smile on my face every time I receive my most awaited tax refund every year. Anyway, you bought a door with your tax return? How about if you post a picture of it? I wonder what will you buy this year with your tax refund should you get one.