Wes- Happy Birthday

This is the cute face I first fell in love with.

Wes has been home 2 years and 4 months. 
In that time he has learned English, although in speech therapy.
He does 2nd grade Abeka and My Father's World work.I certainly could not go to a foreign land and be on 2nd grade level in just 2 years!  He did not know math or anything.  He was listed as being developmentally delayed, with poor reasoning skills.  He does have reasoning skill problems, but I don't see any real delays.  He like school overall, but is slow at doing his work, sometimes can't focus, so it takes him longer than everyone else, and that frustrates him.
 He can be very sweet and helpful, and delights in rubbing his mother's feet....which delights his mother!!
 Wes had a hernia that was easily repaired.  He was also listed as having lazy eye.  We saw no signs of this, and the eye dr said he was fine.  However, we are seeing his left eye drift a little over the last month or so, we'll have that checked out soon.This sweet boy sat on the waiting child list for quite some time; which amazed us, with his minor special needs; God was saving him for our family.
Wes is our only adopted child (that we know of) who was born in a hospital; which probably means he was wanted and planned for.  He had pneumonia. though, and was abandoned at the hospital the next day.  The mother  probably thought or was told that he would die.  Since his special needs would not have been apparent at birth, that is the only reason I can see that he would have been abandoned; especially after going to a hospital to give birth.
On  a side note--I will not sugar coat the kids stories, or tell them only what I have speculated, when they are older, they will hear everything I know about China, the good and bad.

Anyhow, God has placed in our family, and we are so thankful. 


  1. He was (and still is ) a cutie! Happy Birthday Wes!