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                                                               OK, so here's the house.
                                               Here's the house after I got the stairs painted.

 The front door looks fine in the picture; actually looks like it is stained to match.  The truth is, it looks awful, it's 25 years old, dried, cracked, yucky.  So I plan to get a new one.  Remember me mentioning it in a previous post???? No one commented on my door color sample=( =(  =(
The previous color actually keeps getting greener looking....blech!  SO here are my new choices, you get to vote.
                                           Turquoise, a punch of color, not too bright though.
                                                Apple green, the distressing tones it down.
                                   Baby-ish blue, but I think the distressing makes it too gray.
Here, the turquois is on bottom, baby blue on top.
                               The new door will include a rubbed bronze handle and lock.
           So what do you think??? At least comment and let me know someone is out there!


  1. Hey! I've been leaving comments! :)

    Okay, the door thing is hard for me. I don't like making decisions for myself much less someone else. What if they take my advice and hate it forever? Then every time they look at the door they will think of me and how I gave them the wrong advice. Too much pressure!

    But, if it was my door I think I would go with the turquoise. You could put some pretty yellow flowers in boxes in front and they would look all tropical with the turquoise. Just my two cents worth....

  2. I am out here and I enjoy getting updates on your family. All 6 of your littles have such great smiles! I think all your work/changes look great! We have been working around our house and just painting inside is wearing me out. You and your family are super heros in my book with all that you have accomplished.
    I like the turquois for the front door color.
    Can't wait to see the finished product.

  3. I am still reading:) and I like the apple green although I detest green apple candy!! Lol!!!

  4. I'm here, I'm here!!

    I am leaning towards the turquoise (because I LOVE color!)...but the conservative side of me says, apple green.

    Oh, but I love them all!!!

    Do what makes you smile. A front door-way says so much about your personality!

    Any of your choices will be soooo lovely!

  5. I like the apple green. :) Love the pool and the rest of the painting for the bricks etc too. It looks great!

  6. I tried to post yesterday, but it didn't seem to go through - so I'll post again. I would go with the brightest! It will look great with the white.

  7. I'm reading, I know I've never commented before, but I am reading :) I personally love the turquoise, especially against the white!

  8. Janet, Your home is beautiful and I vote for the baby blue color for the entry door. I like the distressed look. Just my two cents. You guys work so hard.

  9. I love the turquoise. The house looks great, can I pay your crew to come paint my house?

  10. Omw the house looks awesome..if it was me I would go turquoise.