Will life ever slow down?

We will have a few days when everything is caught up and orderly....then it all goes crazy again for a couple of weeks.  Jake came home Friday night, and is home for the week.  BUT--he has to work 48 hours with the Sherriff for his practicum...and it's an hour drive each way.  He worked Monday and Tuesday, and Thursday, and Tonight on the night shift...so we have seen very little of him.

 On Monday, DH got this keyboard for a song!  With 6 kids interested in playing, and official lessons lessons from mom beginning sometime this year, a single piano is not enough.  Moma is grateful that keyboards can be connected to headphones!
Also on Monday, Wes had his growth hormone testing.  We got there at 7:30, and were done at 12:30, with 5 other kids in tow.  I went prepared, with plenty of schoolwork and I-pads.  The 2 nurses were in shock that the kids were so good, AND that we never even turned on the TV in the room.
McDonald's was their reward.  A thrift store near the hospital was my reward=)
 Wednesday, Jake had dr, dentist, eye, and chiropractor appts.  We had to meet him at the eye dr to help pick out his new glasses...they were running over an hour behind......more waiting room time with a bunch of kids.
 Thursday Kristen came to swim....which the littles loved!!!!  Jake was asleep, and missed out on the fun.
 As you know, Waid is the kid who cracks us up on a regular basis.  We have had painters, gutter people, etc. at our house working, and I was outside talking to them.  When I came back in, Jenna and Waid were doing ballet.  Of course boys can do ballet too, but in a tutu??
 Today I am trying to figure out when to make my monthy grocery trip.  Looks like it will have to be with kids....pros and cons to DH's new schedule.
                                                         Wes hard at work.
Even though Avery has had over 10 sets of tubes, I had never actually seen one....until last night.  This one came out as clean as a whistle.  I think the other one came out a few days ago, with some yucky crud, but it didn't occur to me at the time to check the crud to see if the tube was in it.
Now the yucky crud ear is oozing.....this set was put in the week before we went to China, so they didn't even make it 6 months.  She says her ears do not hurt, and all the kids are running around the back yard playing.  I'm sure we will see the ENT next week, and get new tubes.
Jenna and
Waid have their 1st official O&M session on Monday.  That's Orientation and Mobility---cane training.

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  1. I love the beautiful trees behind your pool. You have a very complete yard to stimulate your children. They are loved!
    We are building a tennis court in front of our property. It will take about 3 months to complete. We have house plans, but that's down the road.