Very Productive Weekend

Although it was Memorial Day weekend, we labored like it was Labor day weekend.
 This is me magically turning our red brick into weathered white brick.  I got over half of the front done also.  But the shutters are not up yet, and the blinds were closed, making it look like one big glob of white.
 DH is off this week, so I hope to get the whole house done.  He pressure washes the brick, with me following along with my magic coating.  The bulk of the house facelift should be finished by next weekend.  Shutters hung, iron man putting up new handrails on stairs, and several little things.
BUT I am sad to say, the piece-de-resistance----the new front door, cannot be ordered/purchased until dear Uncle Sam sends us some money......I hait waiting.  I especially hate waiting on the door, since I have planned this re-do in my head for the past 3 years.
 DH has lots of odd jobs to do this week, including work on the back porch, and did I mention lots of odd jobs?
 The kids have been good to let us work, since they know we will swim every afternoon.
 And Sunday they got a movie afterwards.....so we could work on this..........
 Over 1,000 copies!!!!!!  We make our own copies of alot of school stuff, when copywrite allows.
We bought about 10,000 sheets of paper with points accumulated from cashing in ink cartridges.
We were blessed to get 2 commercial printers on a company auction a couple of years ago.  And for under $50, enough ink to last a lifetime.  These books would have cost over $120 if we bought them....so for about 4 hours work, scanning and printing them ourselves, we saved $120!!!
                        Tomorrow Waid sees a corneal specialist.

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  1. Very well organized family. Sorry about the door but as you well know, as with all our adoptions, patience is a virtue.