Happy Anniversary to me....

I got a post and corbels.  Not really, but don't they look great!!
We were married 24 years ago yesterday.  Jake babysat last week, so that DH and I could go out to dinner.

 We've been so busy, I didn't even know my hydrangeas had bloomed.  I have a purple one, and pink one too--God's beautiful creation. 
We got Wes's endocrinologist reports back.  He is not producing enough growth hormones.
If we put him on growth hormone, it means daily shots, for all of his growing years.
Has anyone else dealt with this? 

I finally got a picture of Jake, just before he went back to school.  He works full-time at ABeka (customer service) all summer.

 Waid and Jake; only 3 feet of difference=).  Waid and Jenna had their O&M evaluation yesterday.
They will get "cane training" every other week.
Lots of progress on the retaining wall!!!
The labor is being donated by a local landscaping company!!!  When the owner approached us about doing this, he said --referring to special needs adoptions--"anyone who does this by choice, deserves a break".  We had put a call in to him, asking if we could pay them to lay the 1st course only, then we would take over from there.  He came to our house to tell us how he wanted to help.  Amazing.
God has blessed the company with a record year, and he wanted to help someone else; such a blessing to us!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow! What a wonderful blessing! That is awesome! And Happy Anniversary to you!

    I bet I have talked to Jake before as I have called customer service A Lot!

  2. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful testimony! And the wall is looking great!