Other Busy

 We are super excited about our new school books.  We are doing Adventures in My Father's World, starting in a couple of weeks.  Wes and Avery will also start thier 2nd grade ABeka math and language soon.  Emmi has been working in her 2nd's books since January.  I love that much of the My Faher's World is read-aloud, so even blind kids benefit from it.  The Bible study part is the names of God!!  I can't wait.
 This picture, I need to blow up and put on the fridge.  When transplanting things in prep for the pool, I simply ran out of spots to plant things.  So I dumped these flowers in our recently-broken wagon.  It sits outside the den window, and has reminded me the past couple of weeks, about contentment.  Remember "bloom where you are planted"?  Which is a 70's statement essentially telling us the same thing as Paul......be content, and shine wherever God has put you.  I've needed this reminder as we deal with some surprises in diagnosis-es with a couple of our children....maybe I'll share more when all tests are done.
 This precious girl loves her nicer dresses=).  Doesn't show up here, but she has the sweetest eyes.
(And the sweetest heart).
 Chimneys, here today, gone tomorrow.  Remember we are ripping out the fireplace in the den?  We decided to go ahead and rip off the chimney before we get our new roof.  We are keeping the part on the porch, and putting a door on it, to use as storage for pool stuff.
 And if you are paying attention, you know we just got a new roof a few months ago......long story.
Big headaches, 4 years of leaks, arbitration, court order to get the last new roof; all to have the same leaks.  Thank you Steel Shield Metal Roofing and Decra products-----NOT.  So now we are paying to get that all ripped off, down to the decking, and getting a new REGULAR roof, not steel.

Unbelievable that we had to wear long sleeves today!!
Check out the 2 other Busy posts below, I am posting them all in 1 day, trying to catch up.


  1. You changed your blog title???

  2. Wow, you have been busy! Your girls look so pretty in their dresses!

  3. Sorry about your diagnosis surprises. I know how that hurts.

  4. Hoping things slow down for you soon! Won't it feel good for things to get back to "normal?" :) We had construction stuff going on after we came home from China last year, and it definitely feels like it slows down that "new normal." I know the new school books makes you feel like routine is coming! I love new school books! :)