The last week or so....

this lovely tree is no longer here...making way for the pool.

Easter beauties.  Everyone ooohed and ahhhhed over Emmi's dress in particular...thrift store=)

Broke out my mixer for the 2nd time since Dec.
These are my famous cookies.  I invented the recipe years ago, before Betty Crocker or the dough boy had a clue.  They include oatmeal, pecans, white chocolate chips and craisins.

 AJ was so delighted.. Made me wonder if he or Jenna had ever had the simple pleasure of warm cookies, fresh from the oven.  Ohhh, the things we take for granted.
                       I cleaned out the van...which is about as rare as me using the mixer lately.  Emmi was being her normal goofy self, when I went to get the vacuum cleaner, she filled the van with animals.
The whole purpose to cleaning out the van, was to move carseats to a new arrangement.
You didn't think I would clean it out for absolutely no reason; did you???

Wes sees the endocrinologist tomorrow.  Avery has a follow-up visit in a couple of weeks, and Waid has his semi-annual exam under anesthesia.
Then we are DONE with all things medical for a couple of months!!!

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  1. Cute post. I have plenty of left over car seats sitting in storage. Sure which you lived closer. Can I have some yummy cookies please?