Our busy week

This is where the little pool was last year.  We had not allowed the kids to play there after it was taken down.    Until Tuesday.  We were outside from 9-4!  I had some plants to move, and other yardwork.
The kids played in this sand, and also moved alot of it to the sandbox.

Avery is doing great!

We had a wonderful day-------until-------bedtime, when Waid just didn't seem right.  I just thought the heavy pollen and being outside all day had gotten to him.  DH (formerly a licensed EMT) said his breathing wasn't right.  Waid was breathing from his stomach and the wind pipe in his neck was sinking in with each breath.  So, I set off to the ER.  DH was right!   And the ER Dr said exactly what DH did, and to watch for those signs in the future.  After 3 breathing treatments, we came home armed with albuterol, 4 puffs, every 4 hours, for 2 days.....and got to bed at 3am.
Thursday we had a follow-up visit with Avery's Dr., and Waid got a new RX for glasses.  He also got a referral to SPARKS for diagnostic evaluation.  Our low vision specialist, Dr. DeCarlo, (who is awesome) is also getting Waid and Jenna set up for O&M training.  That's Orientation and Mobility---how to use their cane.
This morning Waid had a follow-up at the pediatrician.  The albuterol was cut back a bit, but we will have to wait/watch to determine if he has asthma.  Thinking back on how bad he is bothered by the pollen, and that he was bothered so badly by the terrible air quality in China, I'm guessing he does indeed have asthma
After the Dr. appt, I got to take 6 kids to Aldi for monthly shopping, in the rain......I know.....I am thankful I currently have funds to buy groceries for the whole month, and that I am able to get out and do it!

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  1. You inspire me Janet. Did you have to get a referral for a low vision specialist or can you just make an appointment? Maybe it depends on your insurance company. I am having some huge issues with the heavy pollen as well. Today was a jammy day for me and I am still in my robe! I also feel like I need albuterol! I hate the spring in NC for this reason. so sad too as it is a beautiful time of year. So thankful you guys were so aware of his breathing!