Now I can post the pics.  The 1st one is right after getting into a room, there was little swelling the 1st day. 
Asleep in the midst of coloring.

They said the swelling would be bad in the morning---boy!--they weren't lying.  I was actually shocked when I woke up and saw her. 
This was day 2 at about 5:30am.
Poor thing looks like Curious George.

Hip incision.

So happy to be home.  As you can see, she feels pretty good.
A PT came the room and asked us if we had steps in our house--I had not even thought of that.....she said Avery would probably lead with the good side and do one step at the time.
She was wrong!  The other kids were playing in the back yard when we got home, she bounded up the brick steps to the backyard with no trouble at all.  They all had to check her out, of course.  A couple covered their mouths.  DH had given them a speech not to comment on her appearance.

Look at her doing the Chinese squat--We are very thankful her hip is not in pain.

Emmi's idea, to get the "treasure box" and let Avery pick a treasure.

Here's the actial incision, about 2" long.  She is on Lortab, amoxicillin, mucinex, and saline nose spray.  

                                     She is NOT happy about the salt water rinse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                    Glad to be done with nightly meds, and have had a shower.
                                                 Day 3, still very swelled.  She got ice cream for breakfast again;)
She is getting her juice thru a syringe with a tube attached.  But the ice-cream and pudding, I have fed her with a spoon.  Two weeks on the mushy diet=(


  1. Oh Janet, I just want to scoop her up and love on her. I can't, so you make sure to give her lots of loving. That second picture of her with the crayon is so sad. I know all of you will be so happy when she is all recovered.

  2. So glad you are home! We will be praying for her recovery! And speedy, at that!

  3. glad you guys are home.
    those pictures made my stomach "turn" a bit only because i know that we'll have to go through that with our little Sami in a few years.
    just curious...how old is avery?

  4. Oh, Bless her heart! That picture of her close up with the tears just breaks my heart. I am sure that you guys are so grateful to be home! I pray that she will have a speedy recovery (for her and for you! :-)

  5. Bless her heart!
    And yours, too, Mama!
    Ya'll hang in there...praying for you!


  6. Glad you are home and that things are going relatively well!! Praying she will continue to heal and that her pain will lessen.