3 years and 4 children later.....

We are FINALLY finished with our playset.  It went from a hand-me-down small fort, to this:
                                       Yippeeeee, a swing, trapeze bar, and disc swing!!!!!!!!!!
 Emmi has come up with the ingeneous idea to "clothespin" her skirts when she is playing hard=), I'm glad she cares about modesty!
                                                    Monkey bars for my monkeys.
Fantaztic climbing wall.
Look at DH work---amazing patience --with 3 kiddos watching and questioning his every move.

                                                                  Cargo net climber.

And we've had the 2 slides and tire swing from the beginning.

We doubled the fort size  with lumber from the back deck we tore down about 2 years ago.  That also doubled the size of the sandbox underneath.

We are thrilled to have it finally finished.
Now, who wants to guess how many times someone will get hit with a swing this week?;)

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