We survived!

I am speaking of night shift.  The 1st set of nights that DH has worked since we got back from China.
Yes, me and the 6 kiddos spent many hours in the schoolroom while DH slept upstairs
We got alot done, finally had our "100 day", which we usually have much earlier.
Lots of work got done after DH left for work each afternoon, too.
In fact, we did not even leave the house for the whole week----I know some of you are gasping or cringing, but I love it!

This week, AJ has a genetics appointment, and Avery has to get 3 teeth extracted--in prep for jaw surgery next month.
Also, the pediatrician called.  AJ and Jenna need to stop by the lab and get blood drawn for various tests, and Jenna will have to get ALL of her immunizations.....7 years worth.

Other than that, life is normal, not that I know what that is.....
We are working hard to break bad habbits that came with new kids, and trying to teach new, good ones.
And trying to help one little princess understand that there are no favorites in a family.
(and that this mama has her number on the manipulation game)

Some things are very frustrating, but overall, things are going well, it seems like we have been home much more than 6-7 weeks.

Avery has worn her ears and tail everday since the 19th.

See, I told you=)
***I do realize all of the pics are of just 2 kids----I promise, all 6 are here and doing fine.


  1. Okay. Ears and tail since the 19th...what am I missing? Something big, I am sure? :-)

  2. No, I just remember it was the 19th when they got them- from Kristen----Emmi's b'day.