Big catch -up post

This is finally done, except some rotten wood has to be replaced.
The window they broke has been replaced....now I get the joy of painting it...in all my spare time.

We have had some beautiful weather.

We've been watching the kids bloom and bond.
Waiting on genetic test results on AJ.

I used this for the 1st time in months......to make these.
Emmi is growing out her bangs.

             Wes may be an aerospace engineer....his mom probably didn't even spell it right.
Our fireplace teardown is going slow.  BUT DH has some days off approaching......so I am sure this will move right along.  It is so messy to get everything going, then hard on the hands and wrists to work for very long.

Three being sweet at once!

Jenna's large print books arrived.  She is not to this point yet, but we were told to order plenty early, as some have to be special made.
Pic shows Avery's regular books next to Jenna's.
We are thankful for the government funding of educating the blind.  Thankful that all of Jenna and Waid's educational materials are free.  The normal ABeka book is $12-15, the large print is $72!!!!

I am even MORE thankful that we can get our Christian textbooks thru the program, as well as other materials produced specifically for blind/low vision people.

And just for the record---because I often get asked--HAHA, NOOOOOO,
we do not get any help from any other organization, SSI, etc. 
It is by God's provision that we are blessed to live as comfortably as we do.


  1. That helicopter is cool! One of my boys is starting his Uni career double majoring in aerospace engineering and physics in a week, and he told us he first became interested in the field when he was playing with LEGO's. :) So it's all very possible.

  2. Thanks for updates.House looks great and... BTW you made me hungry for homemade chocolate cookies. I bet they were good.