School time

Jenna had a slate and stylus in her backpack when we got her---I was shocked.
This is how blind people write short notes in braille, it's portable, unlike the 10lb. braille writer.
BUT, it is very hard to master.  You have to reverse the braille letters as you punch, so when you take the paper out, you turn it over to read it. 
Most young braille readers in the US don't use this, because now we have so much other technology.  So I was excited to see exactly what Jenna knew.  As it turns out, she only knows about 10 letters in braille.  And because she was being taught to use a slate----she knows those letters----backwards!, not forwards.  She is an excellent little hole puncher, though, just punching each space (cell) and counting to 6 as she goes, used as a skill building/finger strength practice I guess. 

We've done school a few days, two on my own, as DH had to go to work.
(We got all our sleeping habbits back in line just in time for DH to get up at 3:30 for day shift--ug)

Both kids are good at puzzles, and seem to enjoy everything I have given them to do.

We're back to cooking our own food.  Thanks to ALL who helped feed us that 1st week home!

and trying to stay on a daily chore schedule.
But did you know that adding 2 smallish children, means 14 more outfits a week to wash, + Pj's and undies---laundry may not be caught up for the next 10+ years.

We also went to the dentist this week.  No cavities--unbelievable!  AJ got lots of scraping, and his mouth was a bloody mess.  He endured it, without a single complaint.

After the dentist, he got two pairs of shoes, he was very excited.  His foot is bigger than I thought, so none of my stockpile fit him.  And let me tell you, as much as I love Target, they are  seriously lacking in the boys dept, and boys shoes.
We went to Academy and found a pair for $10--too big, but we got them for later.
Then to Rack Room.  OH MY!!  I cannot believe people pay $50+ for kids shoes!!!!
It actually reminded me how Jake used to wear cute Timberland boots, and how much money I wasted on such, when I only had 2 bio kids.
The store had a BOGO 1/2 sale, so we got 2 pair for $27, pretty good, I guess, for shopping at a "real" store.

Coming up this week, the pediatrician.  Jenna's visit should be quick and easy.  AJ's visit will get quite involved, and I hope to be leaving with a long list of specialists to see, aside from the neurologist and eye specialist already on the calendar.  We are anxious to get moving on all the medical stuff, and get the help he needs.

Other than that, our days are spent with repitition of teaching how to do routine things.  It can be frustrating and tiresome to walk them through every detail of every day, but the baby steps have little exciting moments too.
Like the other night when AJ remembered to get his PJ's, socks, and underwear BEFORE getting his shower--he was so proud.  And when they remember to take their plates to the counter after a meal....little things can be a big deal=)


  1. Not a single cavity??????
    Good grief..I am STILL doing the dentist thing with SY. I noticed last night that a great big flake broke off another one of her front teeth. I see yet another big silver crown in her near future!

  2. Thats amazing about no cavities!

    And that is amazing work they are doing.

  3. Great update on kids. BTW I am going to try the salad with carrots and mandarins. It looks good.