Lasst week...

We allowed Jenna and AJ to discover the play kitchen in Jake's room.

Emmi lost a tooth.

                                                                 Avery lost a tooth.
The girls wore the snowmen dresses that I smocked.

We tried to get a decent picture.........

discovered that Jenna knows her braille numbers,
discovered that AJ can add and subtract a little,

discovered that Jenna can play the piano---both hands and with chords!!!!
Just a few kiddy songs, but with CHORDS!!!!
Other than that, we have done school, and lots of it, morning school, night school, Saturday school.

Their pediatrician appt was cancelled due to a death, and is rescheduled for Friday.
We have 7 Dr appts this week, pray for me;)

Pray for Waid too, he is having a hard time adjusting.
The other kids have all been through this before, and are doing pretty well.


  1. 7 Appointments! Wow!

    The girls look darling in their dresses. I love Emmi's little haircut-so darling with that white bow sticking up on top!

  2. Oh wow! So much school would KILL ME!! Sophie has a loose tooth, her first one. She is soooo excited!!

  3. Love all the little bits of expression in each of the photos. Fantastic job on sewing. BTW I received the Chinese dresses. Thanks so much for getting them for me!