Tomorrow, tomorrow...

We're leaving tomorrow!, for Hong Kong--that is.
We leave at 11am, for a 3+ hour van drive.  We were told it took 2 hours to get through customs on Christmas Eve last year =0
Once in the hotel, we do not plan on leaving, until time to fly.  Hence the food pictured below.  Lunch in the van, supper in hotel room, breakfast in hotel room.  Christmas day we fly to Tokyo (4.5 hours), Atlanta(12.5 hours), then home!!  
   Emmi thinks it is funny that we will get Christmas before all of you;)
1st thing I want when I get home-----a big glass of sweet iced tea.



  1. We have been praying for yall and will continue to pray as you come home and transition to a new normal!!!!!!
    3 weeks IS a long time away, but let me tell you it makes coming home ALL THE SWEETER!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You're almost there!!!!!!!!!!!

    Praying for your safe journey!

  3. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Congratulations on you new additions! I didn't even know you were in China, so I am so happy to see your pictures. Merry Christmas and I hope you have a good flight home! The Pope's

  4. Welcome home family of eight!!! Loved following your blog in China.