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so there will not be many until we get to Guangzhou.  I've given up on backtracking and telling the funny little stories...to far behind.....maybe I'll throw them in later.
We got AJ a while ago in the hotel lobby.  He is in Lego heaven, and likes hit hot chocolate.  He is very excited and hyper, like he had alot of Mountain Dew--hope this isn't a permanant personality trait;)
The sick ones are better, praying the others stay well.  We are running out of medicine, not sure what is available here--Thank the Lord we have never been sick on the other 4 trips.
We got a nap today, and everyone actually feels decent.  Also got caught up on laundry today, it's hanging all over the room to dry.
There are only 2 little resturaunts close to the hotel.  The guide showed them to us, and we have not ventured further, since we just got here yesterday.  Tomorrow we have to go do paperwork, and hope to find a store then.  We need cup-o-noodles for cheap meals in the room.  So far we have made it by stuffing ourselves at the breakfast bar, eating peanut butter crackers, oatmeal, etc. in the room for 1 meal, and eating out 1 meal. 

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  1. So glad to hear from you! I know it is crazy there especially hurrying around all the kids. So glad y'all are all together. So very thankful you have those two precious children! Praying!