day 3 and Happy Birthday DH

 Everyone was in bed til the sun came up!!  I think they actually woke up early, but gave up on me coming to get them, so they went back to sleep eventually.  I woke up about 4, laid there over an hour, then went back to sleep for a while.  Poor DH is ALL messed up, which is surprising, since he is used to working night shift every 6 weeks.
                                                         Big brother Lego bonding.
                                 The sweatsuit on the 34lb kid, used to belong to the giant holding him.
                                         Of course Jake was 3 when he wore it, Waid is 6.

                                      Meeting big sister Kristen, who brought coloring books.

All 8, with Waid about to cry--he's having a hard time with adjustment, and sleep deprivation.
Happy Birthday DH--who just went to bed at 6am, ya'll pray for him please.


  1. Tell your DH happy birthday for me! Did he tell you I accidently called him the other day. I got your numbers mixed up.

    Love Jenna's smile in the last picture!

  2. Wow. I can only IMAGINE how I might feel in your Mommy shoes! God has absolutely gifted you in the areas of organization, creativity and patience!I think I would hire a nannny for a week and just sleep! :) enjoy having all your treasures together...even if it isn't the most relaxing time in the world at this point! Happy New Year...together!

  3. So happy for your family. Praying for adjustments to be made quickly with the time zones. May the Lord encourage you as you labor when you really would like to just sleep. Kristen is seems so kind, she always seems to have something for the littles. Biggest brother seems to always seems to have his lap and arms ready for them. You're one blessed mommy. ~Trina

  4. YEAH!! A picture of all the kids together! Poor Waid looks so pitiful. HOpe your routine gets normal soon.