Slow week got busy

Our second slow week waiting on Article 5, filled up pretty fast. 
 Monday we patched holes and painted the wall in the boys room that had their names hung on it.
Tuesday was cleaning and laundry.
Wed.  Avery got ear tubes, for about the 10th time....not exagerating, but I have lost count.
As well as David getting a temporary crown, and all the fun drilling involved.   I got my permanant crown--from where I broke a tooth a few weeks ago.
 Thursday we had errands, speech x3, and Waid's Birthday.
                                                         He knew exactly what to do.
                     Doesn't fully get it though--sung Happy Birthday to YOU, instead of ME.

                        Although we do not know many Disney characters, He knows it's a car and Lego's....
                                                       who cares what character it is.

                                                         Happy Birthday Waid!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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