The rest of the slooooowwww week

We nature walked on Sunday.
And collected leaves for leaf rubbings.   

 Thankful for DH's friend at work who gave us 34lb ground deer meat, plus a bunch of cube steak.
                Thankful no one has been sick--we made achoo faces in school, and discussed germs,
                                                             and covering our mouths.
                                                        Thankful for my sweet friend CC,
                           who wanted to make sure the new kids have socks and underwear=)
 Thankful that Avery has discovered how to play with Waid.  It was like a light bulb moment.
The have played the same thing--like being in the same room building with Lego's,
but have not really played together, enjoying each other.
He is the Dr., Avery is the patient.
BTW, Avery had an appt at the cleft clinic yesterday =( we were there 4 hours=(.
She has to have new tubes, no big surprise.  We've lost count, but she has had at least 10 sets.
She also got an appt with the oral surgeon who will be doing her bone graft when she gets big enough,  removing misplaced teeth, doing implants.....lots of fun. 
But we probably will have to reschedule- due to adoptions.
After speech, Emmi joined in.  I guess she needed to see a specialist, because they moved upstairs.Wes was still doing schoolwork.

Our article 5 is scheduled to be picked up next Thursday, so it will be another ssslllllooooowww week.


  1. You guys are so close! I am so excited for you! Can't wait to hear travel plans!

  2. Mary Rich12:01 AM

    Just wanted to let you know you are missed. praying for you all. have fun. stay safe.
    see you all when you return.
    Elmer & Mary Rich