More Birthday fun

Kristen came over today, her birthday is next week.
She cannot possibly be 20, because I am only 20---right?!?!
                  Kristen brought Waid this cool stick that makes a noise when you turn it over,
            plus it has bb's running through it.  She was amazed at what fun the $1 toy provided!
She also got him a hot potato toy.  An oldie but a goodie, now with built in music!
It was very thoughtful that she looked for things he could see/do.

And to top it off, a singing card. 
My kids love these, and keep them in their "treasure" box.......
we have some from over a year ago.

Once the boys got the hang of the game, they thought it was hilarious.

And Waid has a giggle that is hilarious!

He gets going an just can't stop.

Poor Kristen, all she got was a wheel for her car.
Not much fun, but how it is when you're out on your own....
you ask for necessities as gifts.
A wheel on her car broke a while back, and she has been using the spare tire.

And this evening we called TIngTing in Beijing.
When we went to get Wes, she was the guide from our other agency that took us to meet Waid.
Then when I went to get Waid, she got me from Beijing to Tianjin.
We are hoping she can help us again in Beijing.......because we found out the hard way.......
vans at the Beijing airport are hard to come by for Americans who don't plan in advance=)

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