Blessed and troubled

Waid wears this little back-pack just about 24/7, since I pulled it out in pre-packing-planning mode.
Now he has a gift bag also to tote around all day=)

 In so many ways; but specifically--
We went to Athens AL for a special Sunday evening church service.
The church has an adoption grant ministry, that we were blessed to recieve a grant from.
They have a service once a year for families they have helped.
Obviously, the financial support was a blessing, but so much more....
To see the heart of this small church was so encouraging.  It is a SMALL church, I am guessing 15-20 families--at most!  Yet they have given $13,000 worth of grants, to help bring orphans into families, over the past 3 years!!

As we drove north out of Birmingham, we saw a "megachurch" with building that has been completed in the last year or so.
Out front they have a ginormous cross. 
DH works with one of the church members, and is told that the cross stands over 125 feet tall.
The cross is not boasting the church name or denomination, and appears to be made of plain cement.  It's not really even pretty, just huge.
We are told that the cross cost more than $250,000!!!
So here's where I am troubled.
This megachurch may be doing great things in their various ministries; but how much
MORE could they be doing, with that $250,000??
It struck me in sharp contrast to the simple small church we went to, where most of the walls were painted cement block.  The chairs were fine, there was heating/a/c, and the necessary comforts, but it was not extravegant by any means.
I understand people want to be comfortable in church (although most around the world are not), and I understand that large churches need large buildings.
But we don't go to church to enjoy the lush surroundings--do we?
I just do not understand the NEED for the giant, expensive, not even pretty cross.
I have to ponder: were there objections to the huge expenditure?
Where were the men who should have stood up and said
"this is rediculous, we can save lives with that money"
Surely, surely, there were some,  were  they outvoted by the majority.?.......what does that say about the "majority" of Christians today????

That $250,000 could have changed the lives of roughly 10 international orphans.
(feed hundreds, house many, etc)
Think about those brought into Christian homes, and saved, who grow up to be workers for Jesus Christ, and reach many more...
that money had the possibility to change an exponential number of lives.
How many lives is the big chunk of cement going to change?


  1. I am right there with ya. Hubby and I had a similar conversation about the same thing. Not sure if it was the same church, but it was a bham megachurch with a huge expensive cross. All around us money is being thrown at projects in the name of a good thing, but is it really making the eternal difference???

  2. I know the church you are talking about...
    And I wonder the same thing.
    Don't think that cross will change any lives at all... unless by some disaster it falls on somebody.

  3. I'm troubled by that also. Would you recommend the agency you are working through? Do you know if they are placing any HIV positive Chinese kiddos?

  4. To Jenny above...CCAI in Colorado IS placing HIV+ children from China!!! :) :) Lifeline is willing to ask but has not as of yet...I spoke with them this summer. Also Great Wall is willing to ask, AND WACAP, but CCAI has been doing it! :)
    To Janet, I am a friend of Trina's from Seemingly Reckless Faith and that is how I found you. We also have bio and adopted children from China. I would like to talk to you about homeschooling and vision issues. could you email me when you get this please? hollymac828@yahoo.com
    Thank you.

  5. Lifeline actually has one on their special focus list right now. A beautiful little girl.

  6. Anonymous7:35 AM

    I just said the other day that for the first time ever, Im seeing why so many people walk away from the church.....because as a church (me included) we tend to focus by and large on the things that really dont matter. Many of our churches are more showy than anything else. Or, we throw money at "them" in the name of outreach and label "them" marginalized people groups. But what people want more than anything else is authentic love. They dont just need our good deeds, they need us to love them right where they are at and see the beauty of who they are, right where they are at. I know money is needed, but we fool ourselves when its just our deeds that we think will change the world...okay off my soapbox now.~Trina

  7. On a different note you should be getting your TA soon because you are 2 weeks behind me ... and Waid is very ready to go. Soooo cute!