AHHHH the craziness

It began Friday, since DH was home, I could work without much interuption.
You may remember, on the 4 previous trips, we wore 1 outfit, take 3, and carry-on everything.
NOT the case this time.
Our challenges include:
1.  Packing for 8 people.
2.  The temps will range from 10 degrees in provinces, to 85 degrees in Guangzhou.
3.  The 1st three nights, we will be in 3 different places.
4...which means we can't do laundry until Thursday, so we must have 6 outfits.
5.  Not enough big people to carry bags--so we must check them.
6.  We do not own really heavy coats (except the girls--bought on clearance before the trip for Wes.)
So many layers are needed.
7.  Those coats/layers are being packed, and we will pull them out when we reach Beijing.  I am not lugging 6 six coats around multiple airports.  And it will be 65 degrees here when we leave.
8.  The kids have not worn many of their cold clothes yet, so they had to be tried on and some taken up.
So, the above pic is the girls stuff.
Boys stuff.  I am thankful to have the extra bed in each room, to stack and organize on.

It all came downstairs on Monday.

Sorted out and stacked by day, DH and my clothes added.
The kids have been forbidden to step foot in the living room for the last week.

On a side note--today we had to run the heat; I am thankful we have only had to run it at night so far.
(Actually, we had to run the a/c at night last week.)
Waid discovered the vent.
                                                 He had loads of fun, for about 20 minutes.

So here is what I have ended up with.
I tell myself it is really not as bad as I think--4 of the 6 bags are smaller--carry-on sized.
I was really afraid when I packed the 1st 19" bag--only 1 day of clothes fit.
(And there is your free packing tip...do not ever put all of 1 person's clothes in 1 bag...if it's lost; they're naked!  Put everyone's "day 1" in the same bag, etc.)
These 6 will go under the plane.
Our 6 backpacks and 1 rolling case will go on with us.  Plus 2 strollers.
The kids backpacks have shoes, and a change of clothes, snacks, crayons, legos, paper, cars, stickers and a few other craft items.
Our backpacks have the shoes, clothes, snacks, electronics and paperwork.
DH will be home tomorrow, we will make and laminate more luggage tags, and print iteneraries to go in each bag.  Except we do not HAVE one yet. We have never been 5 days from travel and not had an itenerary OR cost sheet!!!  Not happy about that fact.
After TA last Tues, we could not even finalize our flights until Friday, because of difficulty at the provincial level, and possible change of consulate date.  OK--enough griping.
Thursday we have dentist appointments.
Friday and Saturday I will clean house and make lists for Jake.
We will miss him by a couple of days.
While we are gone, he can do things with his friends, wash my van;), and be ready to help us survive the 1st week home.


  1. Wow - you are taking all the little people with you? That is amazing! I still haven't written you to tell you that I talked to Lifeline about Lizzy and the end result is that we are beginning our journey to Ethiopia. (I realize Lizzy isn't in Eth, but it still was the spring board God used to get the ball rolling.) I haven't gone public yet, but that will happen while you are in China, so here's your heads up. Thanks!

  2. Oh my goodness Janet. I cannot even imagine all that. You have been super-busy, to say the least. I am overwhelmed just looking at all the bags!

  3. Oh my word, I am exhausted just reading this post! Keep us posted on your itinerary.

  4. Congratulations! I'm sure it felt like you'd never get to this point. . .

  5. You are AMAZING! I am overwhelmed just thinking about packing for 3! So thrilled for you that the time is ALMOST here for you to leave!!!
    your new blog friend,

  6. Anonymous11:56 PM

    You guys are all amazing! It is such a blessing that God brought you all into our lives. Our prayers will be with you as you travel. We missed you tonight and are already looking forward to your return.

    (from cc)