Sweet punkin lost a tooth, and other

Avery is 6.5yo, and lost her 1st tooth Sunday night.
She was pretty excited. 
As you can see the hole is not in the right place because of her cleft.  She has 2 permanent teeth coming in behind the others, and one in the roof of her mouth.
She is in for a year of surgeries and dental work next year......we won't tell her that now=)

Waid is such a clown.  I said smile, and he did not, I said show me your teeth, and he did this.

Here Waid is helping DH put the back on a bookcase.  I've had the bookcase, but didn't put the back on when it was against the wall--but now I have rearranged.

He loves to help.
He kept sticking his face right up to the nail/hammer, and DH having to push him back.
He does this when I am typing on the computer too, or sewing, he wants to see how things work. 
Ling hasn't been out lately--but today was her day.
She got to ride in the buggy.......

Go for a walk.....

Take a nap with teddy, compete with good nite kiss, and "be still" pep talk.

Waid is pretending to nap too.  He can be so sweet.
Unlike his father;)............
For some reason I was thinking out loud at how old we would be when Waid is 18. And that we will have had kids at home for 34 years at that time.   I said  "wow, you'll still have a few more years to work.  Doesn't it seem like you'll work forever........my luck I'll croak the day after I retire"
He said " you have to WORK to retire!'
I AM BLESSED to be home 20 years now!

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  1. Ahhh, those hubbies. Sometimes they know just how to say the wrong thing at the wrong time :). We gotta love them though. I couldn't do without mine!