Going on this week...

Wes built his name with Legos.

                       This photo arrangement--dating back to 2006, when we only had 3 kids.........
                                                                became this................
These are pics from DH's business trip back in March.....all it took was $3 at Sam's,
yet it took me 6 months to do, and will be outdated by the addition of
two more children soon.

For another $1.50 at Sam's, I made this.  Again, showing my procrastination in the photo area....
I bought this frame on clearance at Michaels, back when there were only 3 children.
Then, with the addition of Avery, I thought I would put her on one side, Emmi on one side, and the big kids in the middle.
Then, with the addition of Wes, I couldn't figure out how to make it work.
Then, with the addition of Waid, I thought I would put Chinese boys on one side, Chinese girls on the other side, and big kids in the middle...of course this gets rather complicated when 1 big kid lives an hour away, and the other 4.5 hours away.
SO I decided on images from China.  Each was taken a different trip.
BTW, this is in my bedroom.

What are they all looking at???
                                                 (yes- that's a pool float around Waid's neck)
                                        Daddy at work, getting rid of the holly tree that drops
                                                            stickery leaves in the yard.
                                                           This is amazing.................

This girl loves her bishops!!

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