We were cabled yesterday!!!!!! 
SO--two weeks to Article 5, then travel approval.  We are praying for TA Thanksgiving week, so we can leave the next week, and be home when Jake gets home from college.
My little baby is only 18 and about to be a Junior in college,  I would hate to leave him alone during his break...... we have not seen him since August.

Today is our annual car-seat cover washing day.
Yes, the fun at our house never ends. 

Of course, if you give a mouse a cookie 
if you removoe the carseats, you must clean out the car.
                                   The kids are enjoying a beautiful day, as I clean out the car.
                                      Avery lost another tooth last night--she is showing you.

                                                            Doesn't this look marvelous. 
             I am so thankful for God's provisions of this van, and the witness of how he made it ours.
                                                                  Testimony here
                                          I DO vacuum/clean out the car more than 1x a year.
And since it is so lovely today, we are having popsicles for lunch, and staying outside as long as possible.....a cold front is predicted for tonight.
                                        (Of course I will feed them some real food in a bit.)


  1. Sweet!
    (and I only clean car seat covers about once a year!)

  2. Wow, you continually amaze me with the neatness of that van. Popsicles for lunch. Now your talking!