Anticipation and nesting?

This lovely plastic box is "the China box".
And has been sitting in my bedroom floor for the better part of our 6 years in this house.
I do move it to the closet if I'm having a Christmas party or something.
It contains all the accumulated necessities of China travel.

 I keep it handy, so that I can add a coloring book here, a beachball there, and also so I do not have to roundup plug converters, money pouches, etc., for every adoption.....because they would get lost.
               It's good to have been to China 4 times, because I do not need a thing for travel!                      I will purchase a few cold meds, but I would get them to have on hand even if we were not travelling.
    And the kids will get a few dollar store items for their backpacks...to keep them happy in flight.
           But I've looked at my packing lists, and am thankfull that we have all the important stuff,
                                                          that can add up so quickly. 
                                         We will NOT be able to go carry-on-only this time =(,
                                       people under the age of 10 do not make good pack mules. 
                    We will have 1 large rolling duffle to check, I will still pack like I'm going COO.
                                      So there was my travel anticipation, here's my nesting.
                                           I have already tackled all the big stuff like closets.
                                   It is my lazy day, so I am just going to tackle the recipe box.
Now it is only 1/2 the original size.
Of course some of the recipes go back generations (the good ones.)
  But there were others that were not so good, that dated back to 1980 home ec class.
I cleaned out anything that involved a double boiler, pressure cooker, or candy thermometer
--really, I need things simple. 
And how many brownie recipes does one need--none really when there is Betty C. and the Dough boy!


  1. Okay, you are now my official "Organization Hero". Absolutely amazing.

  2. We might be traveling around the same time! We are planning to take only carry-ons which will be so different than our last two trips to China! We are taking our three young boys so we bought them the small, rolling, carry-on suitcases. Any tips for us? Was there anything you couldn't pack that you needed to buy there?

    I'm not sure if you remember me? We are one of the families that helped out financially with your last adoption. I'm so thrilled to hear that you are adopting two more treasures!

    Amy P.