Our week in pictures

                                 Pool overflowing, as tropical storm Lee dumps record rain on us.
                 Lovely tub, showing you some of the 10" of rain that fell in less than 24 hours.
Temps dropped 20 degrees, a new record low on that day, since the early 1900's.

Over 200,000 without power.  We got to experience that for 46 hours.
And no, we do not get preferential treatment because DH was held hostage works for the power co.

This is the longest we have been without power since 1993 (5 days in the blizzard).
 I put the fridge stuff on ice, and did not open the freezer until DH got home to hook up the generator.
Our commercial size fridge and freezer had not been pulled out, since it was installed in 2008......we narrowly escaped the dust bunnies and crud that was hiding underneath.
 Have you ever tried to sleep with one of these right outside your window?....not fun, but I am very thankful we had it, and were able to save all the food in the fridge and freezer.

Of course Kristen had power.  She stopped by to see us after a job interview.
She has a 2nd interview on Monday.  Please pray that she gets the job.

And the rest of the week, up to this point, has been spent in recovery mode, washing tons of laundry, cleaning, and put things back in place. 
We hope the week ends with a bang tomorrow--with LOA=).

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  1. I hope it does too! So sorry you were without power, but I am glad you were able to save your food!