Alexander's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week

Did I say Alexander--I meant Janet's.  Last week I had a headache that lasted for days.  After the power came back on our icemaker did not work, and the air conditioning in DH's car went out.  We crunched numbers and discovered we're about $4k short of adoption funds, and we got a letter of rejection from a grant.  In addition, I still have to buy matresses, matress pads, sheets, blankets, and more towels before our new kids come home. AND we did not get LOA.

SO- I wanted to stay like this all week, but limited it to 1 day.
I am having to remind myself daily, no hourly, moment by moment, that this life is not about what I want, when I want it, and how easy I would like it to be.  But I am in the refiner's fire, and should be happy to be there. 
SO- no pitty party, let's get on with things.
Can someone tell me how this happens in a house with 2 adults, and no children of peanut butter dipping age??
I must tell you that the other adult is the one who consumes the majority of peanut butter in this house.

                                                   Remember my kitchen window dilema?
                                       I found a tension rod for $7 at BB&B, and had a coupon. 

I was going to make the tabs out of a coordinating green fabric that I also used on the bay window.
                      BUT, I discovered I had a bunch of cream colored ribbon in my sewing room,
                                             so I wasn't about to sew each tab individually.
              I also found the jute rick-rack in my sewing room, left from a shower curtain project.
                           It took only about an hour in the sewing room to solve my delima.
My next sewing project will be a custom made straight jacket for myself--if we do not get LOA soon.
                                     God is in control, he loves me and knows what is best!!


  1. Oh Janet, I wish I could give you a good hug. It is so hard to wait, I know.

    Your curtains look so good. You go girl!

  2. Umm...I'll go ahead and send my measurements for the straight jacket if you don't mind making two.

  3. JANET!!! Every time you update I race to see if you got your LOA....we are praying!!!!
    You mentioned mattresses....do you need full size? I also have twin box springs, but not mattresses.