Our hot and boring summer

With all of the heat, we've been cooped up inside, trying to do some schoolwork, and plan for the new school year.
 We try to swim everyday.  Emmi has graduated from wearing her float vest.  Avery is doing very well, but since I only have 2 eyes, and 4 ids in the pool, she still needs to keep her vest.  Waid is in the same category, but doesn't even want to get rid of his vest.  Waid was using a vest and a do-nut,  He is down to just the vest, he goes all around--but only uses his legs and feet.
                                              Many Lego creations have been built lately.
                               And, if you know anything about me, you now I'm organized.
                               So I have gathered our spelling supplies for the new year.....
 and made a chart.  We will go over the workbook on day 1, each day's work will include writing the words, but on days 2, 3, and 4, the kids will spell their words on the magnet board, spell them with foam sticker letters, and use rubber stamps to spell them.   Then on day 5, they will be tested.
                                      Each kiddo has a laminated chart on their cubicle wall.
                                      They will put a stcker on the appropriate box each day.
                                          Our spelling books should be here in a few days.   =)

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  1. I am telling you Janet, you are amazing with all the organization!