New dilema

Since I have no LOA  --waaaaah!--I'll have to bore you with my latest decorating delima.  We got new neighbors a few weeks ago.  Let me preface by saying our old neighbor was elderly, never had cars in the driveway, whipped her garage door down before even turning her car off-----so I never had to look at a sight like pictured above.
While our new neighbors may be sweet as pie, they have had a whole slew of plumbers, painters, carpet layers, pest control, and visitors vehicles in their driveway.  I know that things will settle down, but because of the property line, steep driveway, etc., I know that it is doubtful that the neighbors will be able to park both of their vehicles in the garage all the time.
I do not want to block the whole window.  And my DH worked so hard on  the travertine molding around the window  a few years ago when the kitchen wasw re-done.
I am thinking:  move the stained glass up to the top half, and put a cafe type curtain on the bottom half, on a spring loaded rod.  I have fabric left over from the windows on the other side of the kitchen.
What do you think?
If we do not get LOA this week, I might show you the view out of the bay window, and brainstorm how to improve it also.........unfortunately, I already know the answer to that one.....pulling lots of weeds.


  1. Oh me, you are so asking the wrong person about decorating advice. But your plan sounds like a good one to me.

    At first I thought your new neighbors were, um, well that they have very specialized jobs, with the His and Hers, and then I noticed it was a plumbing company. :)

  2. Wow...really looking right at their driveway, bummer. One of our friends in Tuscaloosa put a free standing trellis right outside her kitchen window. That way she is looking at her own vines and flowers instead of the neighbors patio. Curtains might do just as well...but will block the light. Of course, it is so hot, blocking the light will help save money on the air conditioning. And weed pulling? That is what children are for! Buy them some tools and send them off! ;o)
    Hope your LOA arrives sooner than you think!

  3. I think that sounds nice. It will
    look good and take
    away from the view! ;)

    So sorry you are still waiting on the LOA! How many days have you been waiting?

  4. I put my hand above the beautiful stain glass so I think a light curtain should go there. This way you can open up curtain when the area you are looking at is not congested.

    No LOA for us either. I think we are in the century club.