Going Crazy???

Remember Ken doll from this post?

DH found Ken doll laying around....decided he needed some relaxation....then left for work.
I went into the bathroom to get ready for church to discover Ken doll lounging in my sink.
Apparently, working 80 hours of overtime this month, and waiting on LOA, has taken it's toll on DH.

We had cooler temps yesterday and a wonderful breeze. I think the high was 90.
When we swam, about 5:00, we actually got cold *gasp* quite unbelievable for August in Alabama.

After 2 months of having this truck, Waid figured out he could ride it down the hill; and he loved it!
Don't laugh at the pink crocs; and the backwards shorts--he's blind, give him a break.

Hopefully we will get LOA on this kiddo in the coming week (and Jenna too).

He loves Lego's--he will fit in nicely around here!

He's showing us some of his school workbook. Pretty amazing considering his special need.
God made him perfectly, just the way HE wanted AJ to be.

And, if any of our local friends are needing to buy a good- like new- queen bed (or 2), let me know. We've got to get rid of the 2 queens to make room for 3 twins.....or poor AJ will be on a mattress on the floor. (Actually we would probably put Waid on it---so AJ ; being the new one, would not feel less important than the other boys).

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  1. Awww, your kids are so great and talented! Cute, cute!

    And your DH...well, he clearly needs a Hawaii vacation. I vote that all us worn-out adoptive PARENTS go on a nice beach-front vacation together!

    Start packing!