Week in review and Frugal Friday

                                        What is the same?--no front teeth.                                                 What is different?  Emmi is 7, Waid is 5.
                      Believe it or not, Waid's bad teeth are due to his vision problems.
                  He was 4 when we met him last Feb., and had 1 tooth already missing.
                             We got him in Aug., and another one was missing.
Since he cannot see, and falls often, he had knocked some teeth out.  And, his other front teeth are crooked from being knocked around.  It certainly was not time to loose these 2 front ones, I guess they had week roots from him falling so much.  I wonder if the permanent teeth will now come in early, or on time.....if that is the case, he has a looooong time to go without corn on the cob--one of his favorites.

 Baby came over again, she loves Emmi, but pulling on the glasses will get her in trouble!
And since we actually did 3 days of school this week, Emmi needs those glasses.  The principal has been fussing at me to get on the ball.  And since we will have to keep records in the new school year .....I guess he is right.
 Now for the Frugal Friday part.  See the vintage circus print at the bottom of the jumper?  I have admired it for years.  A very wealthy friend of mine had that print in her baby boy's nursery, along with fully lined, floor to ceiling, SILK draperies......yep, very wealthy.  Anywho....I spotted the fabric in the thrift store, on crib bumper pads, for $2.99.  Last week DH and I sat and listened to a sermon on tape, while me and my seam ripper ripped apart those bumper pads.  I ended up with enough of that designer fabric (plus some red that I had) to make all 3 girls a dress like this one!  So let us review, that's 3 girls  lined dresses, with scraps I had, and my thrift store find, for a grand total of $2.99!!!!!!  Happy me, happy hubby, happy girls.


  1. Love the dress!!!!

    And why do you have to keep homeschool records this year?

  2. Jennifer8:08 PM

    FYI - my oldest fell and knocked out a front tooth at 5 years, 5 months. She was just about 8 years old before it came in. I had gotten so used to that cute gap-toothed look, that I was kind of sorry when the adult tooth finally made its appearance!