Jake home and thrift store info

My big boy is home from school; you know what that means---yard work!!
Our little pool was sadly drooping and sinking on one side, so we drained it, re-leveled, and
put it back up--much better.

                     Here is some of the male bonding that took place after ward.
                   Jake's favorite treat is oreo balls, here is our lame attempt at making
                                               them festive for the holiday.
Note to self:  sprinkles would have worked better, I do not "drizzle" well.

Now for Amy (who will have 3 daughters in B'ham for school in the fall) and Cindy( who lives in the area): the thrift store info.
My favorite is America's Thrift store, at 1125 Huffman Rd. It is great for kids clothes and shoes.  Amy--if you ever make it, you are only 15-20 min from my house!!-hint.

When we go to Children's or have other downtown business, we try to swing by the Salvation Army store at 76 Green Springs Hwy, just a few minutes from UAB.  They do not have a ton of kids clothes, but I do always find something.  It is great for adult clothes; when Kristen went to Bob Jones University, we got almost her whole wardrobe there.

Those are my main two, but I do like to check out the Lovelady Center in the old Circuit City bldg across from the old Eastwood mall (sorry I do not know the rd name).
When I go to Am's Thrift Store in Huffman, I often go on down to another one in Center Point, it's on the right. but I do not know the name--sorry.  And then continue on down the Pkwy all the way to Pinson, and hit Mission Possible at 4496 Center Point Pkwy. 
Last but not least, is the Salvation Army store in Hoover, down 145 from the Galleria. We used to hit it occasionally after physical therapy for Waid, but we dropped out of PT for the summer.
There are plenty more out there, I used to love the Alabaster one, years ago when we lived out that way.  If you have a favorite, let me know!

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  1. Okay Janet, you had me at oreo balls and thrift stores! We have to find a way to get together and thrift for a day. And then eat oreo balls to reward us for all our hard work.

    Mark and the boys have been doing lots of yard work and I have been doing lots of watching from afar because of the heat. :)