Frugal Friday

                                      DH is on night shift every 6-8 weeks.
        We try to go to thrift stores on some of those days, just to get out of the house,
                                       so we don't have to be quiet.  
                This week we went to one of my favorites and found the same shirt.....
                                      in 3 different  sizes......score!!!! 
              As I was thumbing through the racks, I thought "didn't we just see this?" 
                    Then we continued on to Waid's size, and there it was again!
                                  Then we found these co-ordinating shirts=).
                 We also found a Children's Place denim skirt that we have in 2 other sizes,
             so all 3 girls will have one, and a khaki skirt that we already have matches to.         I love it when I find the same item, at different stores, it's like winning a prize.

        Also, while DH has been gone in the evenings, I have cut out 6 dresses to sew
                          and am 1/2 way through the smocking on this one.
                  I love this fabric, and bought many yards, a few years ago.
I have made several styles of dresses with it, but never a bishop.....I love it already.
                                I'll show you the finished product next week.

And just in case you ever think of running errands on a Friday before a holiday--don't.
                      We ran in 4 places, all were supposed to very quick things,
                                        like getting Waid's glasses adjusted.
                                          It usually takes about 5 minutes.
                    Then we went to Sam's ..............at lunchtime, yes, I am insane.
                                  We waited in line for pizza for 20 minutes!! 
                                        It was like Christmas time; now I know.
                                         Our quick little trip lasted from 9-2:00!


  1. Okay, can't stand it any longer, where IS this thrift store?
    The ones around here (and a fair few of the Children's Closet/consignment type sales) don't have ANYTHING worth buying EVER. Every single time I go to one, I promise myself I will never waste that time again!

  2. I would like to know where this thrift store is also.. I love to match the kids. I love the new pictures of your little ones waiting to come home..