6 kids and a Ken doll

                  They were all 6 here at once, AND I got a decent picture--amazing!
                              Kristen did not get to stay long, had to go to work.
                                       She didn't believe I would post these.
                           We had a group birthday celebration along with our 4th.
                Jake's birthday is in a few weeks, but he will be in Pensacola.
                                                  He wanted a Kindle.
                 OOPS--we got confused, I thought he wanted a KEN DOLL!
                                Ken had lots of fun the rest of the afternoon.

 Here's the real thing.  It was several times more than the amount we usually spend,
 BUT..... Jake can get some of his textbooks on it (saving money and his back- from carrying around a huge backpack), and research on it when the library is closed.                                                    SO, I think Kindle will pay for itself.
                         KEN doll, however, set me back 79 cents at the thrift store.

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