Catching up--final chapter

 On the long drive back home, Jake met up with us, and came home for his 1 week break.  Kristen came over for a fish fry and a picture of the 2 is rare.....Jake's baby face really shows up here=)

 While Jake was home, we got some yard work out of him.  Waid had a good check-up with the glaucoma Dr.  We went to the zoo, along with 18 school busses full of children, not my idea of a good time.  After an hour I talked the kids into going out to the van for our lunch, then we went over to the botanical gardens.  It was free, did not have 5 zillion kids, and my kids loved all the trails, bridges and ponds.
 Our playfort is getting an addition. Remember 2 years ago when we were given this playfort? http://5hurleykids.blogspot.com/2009/07/thankful-thursday_23.html
I had great plans for "adding onto" it, but the project has been a slow go.
Remember back in Dec when we tore the deck off the house? http://5hurleykids.blogspot.com/2010/12/come-on-its-lovely-weather-for.html
Some of the wood was still good, so we saved it for this.  DH only had to buy two 4x4's and a box of nails. Even the decking boards that were splintering on the top, looked brand new on the underside, so they are the new decking on the addition.  There are further plans to continue expanding with a rock climbing wall, monkey bars, and swings....maybe next year.
                                             This addition also doubles the sand box space!
                 And lastly, we have been in the kiddy pool almost every day for the past two weeks..
                                                     because it's ONLY 98 degrees!


  1. Jealous of your kiddie pool. I think we mommys need a mommy's pool just for us.

    My James would love your fort.

  2. I'm just totally impressed with what you and David and do with your hands. Well not only your hands but everything. Your children look great and well dressed. The fort is a wonderful place for them to explore and play... and the pool, perfect!