A very dirty day

We got some sand for a sandbox under the playfort and some other yard work.

Do you know how heavy sand is?  I guess moving it will  give us something to do during the wait for Jenna and AJ.

If the sand wasn't dirty enough, we had ice cream, and the kids ran off to play before wiping off their hands and mouths.

Here's a pic of 2 of the bucket brigade crew; remember, we did this last year with mulch--which is much lighter.

Waid wasn't too much help with the sand, but he did his fair share of getting dirty---yuck!

Of course, the sand was just damp enough to stick to my little workers.

 After all day outside, little miss priss was clean as a whistle....maybe she could give lessons to the others.
When DH got home, he kept an eye on the kids outside, while I took them one-by-one to the bathtub.
They were so dirty that I wouldn't even let them come in until it was their turn.
They loved getting so dirty, and thought it was neat to see the sand in the bathtub as the water drained......simple joys=)


  1. Janet, you would never make it long-term here at my house. James is dirty from dusk to dawn! Tell Waid he looks like a cool dude with those glasses!

  2. I'm right with ya not liking the mess from wet sand {or even dry sand}. It should keep your littles busy for awhile though!

    Have you gotten any word back about your tax refund? I heard a lot of people having to send in extra paperwork for the adoption tax credit {like you and I}, but I haven't heard if anyone has received their refund yet.

  3. So grateful that you provided your precious lovies with this fun moment of dirt!! You are such a great mom (from what I have learned about you)!! Organized and not afraid to get dirty or shall I say let the children get dirty to boot!! Have a super week.

  4. Yes! Sand is crazy heavy. Last year I thought I'd just bring a few buckets home from my mother's gravel pit for Aidan's sand box. Yeah, right. Good luck moving yours.


  5. You guys are too much! You make me tired just looking at all you do for your beautiful children. God bless you! The pictures are fun to look at!