This and that

We found a better way!
Don't laugh, let's see you haul 3 yards of sand.

                                              Here is the humble beginnings of our garden.
This may be as good as it ever looks, we have no idea what we are doing.
But for the cost of a few packs of seeds, it's a great learning experience.
Hopefully the seeds will do well, and we will not have to spend money buying plants.

If things look good in a couple of weeks, we may add a few more rows.
If things go really well, we may do a raised bed next year.

DH had the kids outside in the sprinkler today, while I was putting up some corn....obviously not from our garden.  He didn't even take a picture of the kids playing--men!
So you get this one of 3 cute girls, oh wait, the 1st on would be Waid in his sister's flower sandals; he loves shoes, any shoes!


  1. Thank you for a laugh out loud moment! That's ingenious.


  2. That is such a cute picture of your kids! I had to giggle at Waid wearing his sister's sandals - that is cute!

  3. I love it!!!! LOL, looks like something me and Jake would have come up with!!!

  4. Anonymous2:41 PM

    I love it!!! LOL, Looks like something me and Jake would have come up with!!! Jared

  5. Anonymous2:42 PM

    So great that we don't have to do the extra step with DHR anymore!!!!!!!! They have always been very slow to approve us for some reason.
    Glad your paperwork is moving on!!